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Ancient Early Bronze Age Abydos Amphoriskos

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An ancient Canaanite Early Bronze Age Abydos ware burnished pottery wine amphoriskos, flat base, two handles and shaped neck with a rim folded outwards

Dated from, 3300 - 2700 BC

Abydos ware (a-BY-dos ware). Pottery of Canaanite (Syro-Palestinian) origin found in the royal tombs of the First and Second Dynasties (The Old Kingdom) at Abydos, Saqqara, Abusir el-Melek, and other sites in Upper Egypt, dating to Early Bronze Age II (3300-2700 BCE). The pottery, often red-rose slipped and burnished or painted with geometric motifs, includes jugs, bottles, and jars. Most common are the red-slipped jugs, some of a hard-baked "metallic" quality, with handles attached to the rim and a typical stamped base. This pottery class took its name from Abydos, the first site at which it was found, in Upper Egypt.

First found in an Egyptian royal tomb in Abydos, Abydos Ware has since been found in Egyptian royal tombs elsewhere as well. Abydos Ware is of Canaanite origin and indicates extensive trade. Abydos Ware was important in trading wine and oils, and includes several different groups.

Ceramic vessels effectively sweat, keeping insides much cooler than outside while losing liquid. This will basically ruin wine by losing liquid, creating some sort of awful vinegar liquid. Polishing the ceramic and applying combs are strategies to prevent it from sweating

Measurements: Height: 17.5 cm - Diameter: 10 cm

Condition: Good condition as shown in the pictures

Found in Jericho, Israel

Provenance; Aweidah's collection before 1970 - Registered at the IAA