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Ancient Biblical Bronze Coin Of Pontius Pilate, 30 AD

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Directly from Jerusalem, ancient biblical historically important bronze coin "Prutah of Pontius Pilate

(Minted the years close of Christ’s Crucifixion & Resurrection)

The exact date of the event is not known for certain, but could have been in the year 17 of Pilate's coins or A.D 30

Pontius Pilate, who governed for 10 years, minted two different types of "Prutot" coins. His role in history would have been relatively unknown it if were not for these coins and his part in the Crucifixion.

Pontius Pilate is by far the best known of all administrators of his time. His existence, however, is not well documented by anything other than his coins. If it were not for his coins, and the biblical account of his delivery of Jesus to be crucified, he might well have gone unnoticed by historians. His approval by the Jews must have been tarnished by his lack of understanding or concern for their custom of excluding forbidden symbols on their coins.

Pilate issued only two types of coins during his ten-year term in office. The first bronze Prutah is dated year 16 (Of Tiberius Caesar) and was struck in AD 29. It has in its design three bound ears of barley on the obverse, and the Roman sacrificial simpulum, or libation ladle, on the reverse.

His second type of Prutah shows an augur's wand, or lituus, on the obverse surrounded by Tiberius Caesar's name. The reverse has a date rendered in customary Greek letters indicating the year of Tiberius Caesar's reign. LIZ=17, and LIH=18.

All of these are of special interest to collectors because Pilate issued then close to the year of Crucifixion.

Found in Jerusalem, Israel