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RARE-Roman Herodian Sabbath oil lamp,1st Cent. AD

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Directly from Jerusalem, you are considering a very rare ancient biblical terra-cotta pottery SABBATH oil lamp with soot "Burning marks at the nozzle", a large raised rim around the filling hole and a loop handle

Roman Herodian period, 50 BC - 50 AD
Time of King Herod the Great

Measurements: Length: 8.5 cm - Width: 6 cm

Condition: chip and some repair at the rim as shown otherwise intact and in very good condition

Found in Jerusalem, Israel

This lamp is similar in shape and ware to the lamp found in the kinneret boat wreck and dated by varda Sussman to 50 BC - 50 AD.

Thus this lamp probably date to the same period. Comparable lamps were found in typical Herodian period tombs in Gallilean cities while a few were in Jerusalem. This special feature of this thin-walled lamp is its very high collar might be to hold another pottery receptacle containing a reverse oil supply for the lamp, which would drip into the lamp, thereby extending the lighting time. This filling method is mentioned in the Mishnah (SHABBAT 2:4) ALL ITEMS THAT WE OFFER FOR SALE COME WITH A CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY