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Cypriot black terracotta bilbil, 1550 BC

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Cypriot; Late Bronze Age, 1550 – 1200 BC

Cypriot ceramic imports found in Israel Ref. Ancient pottery of the Holy Land (Amiran, 1969 PL.554).

Burnished pottery bilbil globular body with a high base, long cylindrical neck slightly off central axis, funnel rim and a antithetic scroll in relief on body

During the Late Bronze Age little jugs, known, as "Bil-bils" were importaed into Canaan. Analysis of substances found inside some of them has shown that they were used to hold the drug opium. The shape of the jug is strikingly like that of an upturned poppy head.

Height: 14 cm
Width: 7.5 cm
Height on stand: 16.5 cm

Condition: Intact

Excavated in Samaria north of Jerusalem, Holy Land

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