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Roman Herodian set “Oil Lamp and oil filler” 1st Cent A

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A beautiful pottery set “An oil lamp and an oil filler”

HOLY LAND; Roman; Herodian, 37 BC – 70 AD
Time of Jesus and King Herod the Great

Antiquities are valuable because of their historical and cultural values and especially because of their provenance in the biblical lands during the biblical period. To own a "biblical" artifact is to possess a genuine, one-of-a-kind, object that puts one in actual physical contact with the world of the Bible. These unique items may be displayed as a testimony to biblical history as well as beautiful pieces of art and culture.

A lamp such as this might have lit homes during the time of Jesus. A metaphor of joy and prosperity, for hope, for life itself, lamps have illuminated the path of civilization for centuries. They have guided great thoughts through the night, stood vigil with lonely passions. In the presence of this simple object, we are in touch directly with a vanished world, with the people once warmed by its glow. Today it remains as an enduring symbol of man's desire to conquer the darkness.

Known as the Herodian because of its widespread use during the reign of Herod the Great in Israel (circa 37 BC to 4 BC), this lamp was wheel-made with the spout applied by hand. Thus, every Herodian lamp is slightly different. The type remained in use up to about AD 150 in some parts of the Holy Land

This beautiful set is the best choice for those wishing to have items like those most common in Judea during the ministry of Jesus.

Oil lamp:
Length: 8.5 cm
Width: 6 cm

Oil filler:
Height: 12.5 cm

Stand: 15 x 14.5 cm

Condition: Good condition

The set is nicely mounted on a custom plexi-glass display stand

Found in Bethlehem south of Jerusalem, Holy Land