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Egyptian Wooden Fayyoum Portrait Of A Woman

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Egyptian COPY of Fayyoum hand painted portrait of a woman, AFTER THE ANTIQUE 18TH CENT.

The Egyptian art of portrait, however, includes wonderful models of portraits depicting ordinary people. Ancient Egyptians had a special belief in preserving the dead body intact through mummification to enjoy the other world. As the dead body should be placed in a coffin, it should then include a photo or a portrait of the mummy.
These during the life of the meant portraits were made persons were still alive, and kept and used after death to cover the deceased's head. Such ceremonies were inspired by the Ancient Egyptian notion of "Afterlife". In order to help the spirit come back to dwell in its corpse, the soul “Ba” was represented as a bird with a human head bearing the deceased features. The double or guardian spirit "Ka" was represented as a man with upraised arms on both sides of the head. Sometimes, the face itself was given its original shape by inserting small pads of linen impregnated with resin and aromatic substances under the skin. The mummy was then wrapped with linen bandages.

Height: 41 cm - Width: 26 cm

A truly nice and striking original copy of FAYYOUM PORTRAIT!!