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Ancient Roman Glass Jewelry Pendant, 100 - 300 AD

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You are considering a very attractive ancient Roman dark blue glass pendant with gorgeous patina "Iridescence" set on hand-made sterling silver pendant.
dated from, 100 - 300 AD

This handmade jewelry is very unique in that each piece is set with a fragment of 2000 year old Roman Glass found in archeological sites in the Holy Land. The glass fragments originate from the time when the land of Israel was part of the Roman Empire.

Each piece takes on a unique coloration, tone, and texture influenced by the mineral content of the earth where it was buried.

This fragment of ancient glass has acquired a luminous, colorful patina over the centuries, a testament of age that only enhances its beauty. Set in this stunning sterling silver pendant. While we might think of glass as quite ordinary today, during the Roman Empire it was as valuable as the perfumes and spices the glass vessels might have once held. This pendant reminds us of the past, while appearing stylish in the present.

Found in Israel and come with a certificate of authenticity