Aweidah Gallery - Ancient Art
About Us
Discover one of Jerusalem's greatest treasures. Located on Via Dolorosa Street in the center of Jerusalem's Old City, Aweidah Gallery offers visitors a chance to step back in time by viewing its broad collection of ancient artifacts from various periods throughout the region 222s history, including an extensive collection of artifacts from the time of Christ. The origination and history of each item in the gallery is certified authentic and painstakingly documented, and our expert staff stands ready to answer all of your questions. Please let us know if you require any assistance. As always, we welcome all inquiries. It is with great pride and pleasure that we present the Aweidah's collection of ancient art.A trusted name in the international antiquities market with an impeccable reputation, Aweidah Gallery has been trading antiquities for more than 40 years and can accommodate the needs and budgets of experienced and casual collectors. Each piece is a unique legacy from the past. When we hold an artifact created during the life time of Alexander, Hadrian or Christ, we become in some small way a part of that era. Brave men have risked their lives for these legendary items, extolled in the Bible, collected by Kings, stolen by scoundrels, now they are within your reach because you are in Aweidah Gallery "Center of Adventure" where pieces from the all the biblical periods, Egyptian, Greek and Roman can be brought to you in a spectacular way. Simply visit us for any further information, and let the adventure begin...

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